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Middle trough
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Shandong Mining Machine SGZ730 Variable Line Lifting Trough

Shandong Mining Machine SGZ730 Variable Line Lifting Trough

  • Introduce: [Name] Shandong mining machine SGZ730 type variable elevation line groove …
Product details

[Name] Shandong mining machine SGZ730 type variable elevation line groove

[Model] Applicable to SGZ730 scraper conveyor



One end of the Shandong Mining Machine 730 series variable line lifting groove is connected to the transition groove of the scraper conveyor and one end is linked to the middle groove of the scraper conveyor. Its role is to adjust the height of the transition groove to the height of the middle groove of the conveyor. The width of the headstock and the transition groove is adjusted to the width of the middle groove. Generally, the whole adjustment process is realized through a set of adjustments of the changing line and the raising groove.



Shandong Mining Machinery 730 series variable line lifting trough is the body of the scraper conveyor, which is composed of the middle plate, the trough, the sealing bottom plate, the rail seat and the connecting plate.


There are two types of lifting slots: left lifting slot and right connecting slot. They are used to connect the nose, the tail transition slot and the middle section respectively, and play a further transition role to make the nose to the middle section transition more smoothly. It is an elongated special rack to facilitate the unit to walk in place when it reaches the nose or tail. The structures of the two types of lifting grooves are similar, except that their lifting directions are opposite. Both sides of the connecting groove are convex edges, so that the recess of the middle groove and the recess of the transition groove of the tail are connected.



Middle plate: 45 steel

Groove help: 30SiMn

Advantages: The impact resistance is higher than ordinary steel plates, the average hardness is higher, the friction coefficient is low, the acid and alkali resistance and salt water corrosion resistance are high, the running resistance and noise are low, and it is not easy to deform after being stressed.



V method casting process (groove), sand casting, welding process.

National quality management system certification GB / T19001 / ISO9001: 2015 standard.

We can customize the processing according to the drawing number or drawing provided by the customer's central slot.


Advantages of the V method casting process: 1. Good casting formability, which is conducive to the formation of products with clear contours and high surface finish; 2. Compact casting structure and good mechanical properties; 3. High dimensional precision and small machining allowance of casting 4. the internal and external pressure differential of sand, the sand is uniform and high hardness of each part ( 85 or more); 5. flask from the mold easily, small draft gradient ( 0 -1 ~ [deg.]); 6. the action of heat of molten metal The mold cavity is not easy to deform; 7. During thepouring, because the sand box is kept in a vacuum state, it is conducive to filling the cavity with metal liquid.



Specifications: SGZ730

Main dimensions: length: 1500mm width: 680mm thickness: 300mm



According to the host plant, the variable line lifting trough can be divided into: Zhangjiakou coal machine variable line lifting trough, Northwest Benniu variable line raising trough, Shandong mining machine variable line raising trough, Shanxi coal machine plant variable line raising trough, Zheng coal machine substation Line lifting trough, Huainan long wall transformer line lifting trough, Sany Heavy Industry transformer line lifting trough, etc.

According to the model of the scraper, it can be divided into SGZ630, SGZ730, SGZ764, SGZ800, SGZ830, SGZ900, SGZ1000, SGZ1200, SGZ1400 and other models.

According to the use position, it can be divided into: machine head changing line lifting groove, machine tail changing line lifting groove.



Quality assurance: depending on product quality like life. Our products are strictly in accordance with the national quality management system certification GB / T19001 / ISO9001: 2015 standards, adopt advanced design concepts, use modern production equipment (such as CNC double-sided welding machines, intelligent manipulators, machining centers, etc.), perfect product testing system, Guarantee product quality.


Price guarantee: market preferential prices. Our company's product materials are selected from domestic and foreign brands. On the basis of ensuring quality, we provide preferential market prices.


Delivery guarantee: According to customer requirements, guarantee delivery on time. If there are special requirements that need to be completed in advance, our company can specially organize production forces to meet customer needs.


After-sale guarantee: The after-sales team of ******. With fast and effective information feedback system, our company provides customers with free and efficient maintenance services for free. Provide complete problem analysis and solutions for the central tank, prolong the service life of the central tank, and help enterprises save procurement costs.



International standard recognition certificate, mining product safety mark certificate, quality management system certification, key project construction award (Luoyang Yichuan), member unit of Luoyang Network Business Association, etc.


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